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do not have too much else they would run who would run? my brothers? my friends? strangers? our opposite why would they run? my beauty? my physique? my charisma? your ambition why? focus on your home child

Moving World

Moving, moving, moving  Our legs carry and tarry  The universe we are yet to fantom rotates The earth, the animals, the clouds, the waters, the humans Moving, moving, moving Even when our back aches Even in the thick darkness We keep moving  Trying to make sense of our world  Trying to survive each day  Despite... Continue Reading →


4,5,6, I count in my mind while using the nail of my thumb to count the flesh of my remaining fingers on my right hand or maybe I am counting my nails because I feel the friction like that of when teeth grinds together when food is in it. I don't know why I don’t... Continue Reading →

Look Closely

Look closely  Please look closely  Forget my smile, forget my pose, forget my gait  See me for who I really am  See my demons but don’t hide  See my ambitions but don't think less of me  See how imperfect I can be  See me for my naked self 

Is Fine

Is fine to not have all the answers I think that is the riddle one won't be able to survive on this planet we were born in Is fine to compare yourself to some friends you don't talk to anymore Is fine to miss them And wonder what really happened Why did we stop talking... Continue Reading →

I Want to Be a Billionaire

I want to be a billionaire so bad  Remember that song  I was little when that song came out  I sang it like it meant nothing  Because back then I didn't know what it meant  Now I do I sing it more  I want to be a billionaire so bad  I want to travel and... Continue Reading →


We all have dreams Or will say purposes At a point we discover it We try to pursue it, we give it all that we can But it doesn’t work We get frustrated, angry and dejected And most times we give up on this dream I don’t want to give up on my dream


Does me been human even matter They tell me I have freedom of speech but I am shut when I complain Tell me there is democracy but I can't freely be me My fellow humans cage me Who do I then run to?

I Think

I think we are used to it, I think we are used to the bloodshed.  That’s why when we wake up and hear stories of death, tragedies and atrocities  We groan, moan, and post on our social media for a day and the next day we move on  Nobody held accountable, no commemoration, no statement ... Continue Reading →

Pieces on the Floor

Humans lie like pieces of straws on the floor 1,2,3,4,5 I count while others take pictures We scream, we moan, we groan while we take pictures Sending it to our social medias for others to see the flowing blood tainting the red earthen soil How did we get to this The government mute We shed... Continue Reading →

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